Rub A Dub Dub, Camera in the Tub

Photography, Video

Watkins Hot Tubs

  • WKNL0684
  • WKNL0092
  • WKNL0132
  • WKNL0591
  • RJG_3024
  • RJG_3029
  • RJG_3473
  • RJG_2459
  • RJG_3417

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  • WKNL0266
  • WKNL0095
  • RJG_3056
  • WKNL10041
  • WKNL1193

Brad, Ruben and the whole team at Cookies & Milk were fantastic to work with from start to finish! They really took the time ahead of the shoot to understand what we were trying to accomplish. They were always very flexible and accommodating during the shoot if we ever needed to change direction a bit. The final images were always very creative and delivered in a timely manner. Plus these guys are just fun to work with! I highly recommend them!

Caitlin Woelfel
Brand Manager, Watkins Manufacturing

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