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Tidewatch & Dick Sporting Goods

A partnership for growing business & having fun.

Tidewatch is Research firm out of Portsmouth, Nh and in their words they “…seek an understanding of both the research objectives [of] larger business environments.” Simply put, a client comes in with questions and leaves with not only answers, but scientific qualitative and quantitative data to back those answers up.

Tidewatch came to us first in 2013. They were launching Tidewatch Craft, a creative service offered as a way to show off their findings in a unique and engaging way. They wanted a few solutions for a couple different objectives.  One was to be able to create a portfolio piece they could take and use to generate excitement for new clients and get them to sign aboard the Craft service. The second goal was to figure out how they could offer more to their clients without having to go through the high cost & soul sucking process that is video production. Lastly they wanted to knock the current client, Dicks Sporting Goods, off their feet with some really engaging video. In the end DSG was happy and Tidewatch had a compelling piece to prove to companies their worth.

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