Our Impact at the Classy Awards


Classy Award Impact Videos

It was a great honor to work with the company Classy, and help them put on their 2014 Classy Awards event. If you don’t know what the classy awards are (check them out at classyawards.org) they honor organizations that are making change happen.

They wanted video’s that would highlight the problems and the solutions organizations are trying to solve. They wanted viewers to feel and connect to problems, not just visually but emotionally. We were perfect partners because our process and our story telling is exactly what they were looking for. We are proud to have crafted these stores with them and hope you enjoy.
(Please note due to the content some of the videos some contain slightly graphic images)

Human Rights

Disaster Relief:


Hunger & Poverty:

Health Services:

Active Duty & Veteran Services:

Environmental Protection

Animal & Wildlife:

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